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ICONFIT Hydrolysed Collagen is a unique collagen powder with the highest level of purity produced without any chemicals. According to research, the recommended daily amount is 10 g of collagen, which helps protect your joints and provides benefits for your skin.

  • Includes the purest collagen – with a protein content of nearly 100% – produced without chemicals. Beware of collagens that are produced with chemicals and have a purity degree of only 80–90%. This is a pure source of collagen that gives you the daily recommended amount (10 g) of collagen.
  • One tub contains enough pure collagen for 30 days (300 g).
  • Produced using natural processes.
  • Avoid expensive capsules with collagen content of only 0.5 g, which only give you 1/20th of the recommended daily amount of 10 g of collagen.
  • Add 10 g (scoop included) of powder to your meal, juice, smoothie or sports drink.
  • Our product range also includes MSM Collagen drink mixes especially designed for improving joint health.


Highly prized collagen in its purest form. According to research, 10 g of collagen daily produces the greatest effects. Collagen is known for its extremely beneficial properties. It protects the joints and accelerates joint regeneration, increases the elasticity and strength of bones, and is a major structural component of muscle tissue. In addition, collagen is famed for improving skin elasticity and preventing wrinkles.

Easy to digest, allergen-free, and well-absorbed by the body. Thanks to its neutral taste and smell, it can be added to a variety of meals, smoothies and drinks.

Quality and chemical treatment

Some products have emerged on the market that are priced slightly lower than ICONFIT’s acclaimed collagen products. However, the lower price of these products is achieved through a production process that involves chemical treatment and yields a less pure product with a collagen content of only 80–90% and 10–20%vof impurities. This can easily be spotted by checking the protein content listed under the nutritional information of the product (collagen is a protein).

Beware of any collagen products where no information is provided about the production methods and the level of purity, as these are usually produced using a cheaper process that utilises acids and other chemicals! ICONFIT collagen is produced using a unique chemical-free process that yields a virtually 100% pure product, which is also reflected in the protein content.

  • If, however, you are looking for a delicious collagen drink, then look no further than our natural Collagen Superfoods blend, which is perfect for smoothies or simply mixed with water. Click HERE to find out more.
  • Collagen is the most important protein in our bones and joints, giving them elasticity and strength. In addition, collagen plays an important role in the formation of skin and tissue structure around our vital organs and muscles.
  • Athletes experience high loads daily which, in the long term, have a negative effect on their joints. High loads also significantly increase the risk of osteoarthritis, joint pain and injury.
  • By consuming 10 g of hydrolysed collagen per day, you protect your joints, bones and muscles from injury. ICONFIT collagen is the purest collagen you can find, consisting of nearly 100% of pure protein.
  • It is rich in the essential amino acids arginine (7.5%) and glycine (22.4%), which together stimulate creatine production in the body and boost athletic performance. They also accelerate joint and bone regeneration.
  • Studies have shown that collagen improves skin elasticity, reduces the formation of wrinkles, and moisturises the skin.
  • While collagen is also incorporated into a number of creams for improving skin health, it is not absorbed well through the skin and mostly settles on the surface of the skin. Hydrolysed collagen consumed with food and drink, on the other hand, is absorbed quickly and easily and provides maximum benefits for skin health.

What about collagen capsules?

Collagen capsules are highly popular, but unfortunately their collagen content is minuscule (usually 0.4–0.8 g), while their prices are high. In order to get the optimal daily 10 g of collagen, you would need to take 13–20 capsules every day. Moreover, instead of pure hydrolysed collagen, collagen capsules primarily consist of various fillers and colorants, which have no benefits for the skin and joints.

ICONFIT Hydrolysed Collagen

The ICONFIT Hydrolysed Collagen container contains 300 g (30 days’ worth!) of pure animal-derived hydrolysed collagen in powder form. We recommend mixing 10 g of powder (scoop included) into a meal, drink, smoothie or sports drink of your choice. It is a powder with relatively neutral flavour that does not change the taste of your meal or drink significantly.

NB! Suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This product contains no additives.


Energy (kJ/kcal) 170/40 1704/401
Protein (g) 9.9 99.5
Carbohydrate (g) 0.0 < 0.5
of which sugars (g) 0.0 < 0.5
Fat (g) 0.0 0.1
of which saturated (g) 0.0 0.04
Salt (g, not added) 0.05 0.5


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  1. Kertu

    If you love to have strong and healthy hair and nails this product is the best thing to have. I love to add IconFit Collagen to my morning smoothie bowl.

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